History of the company

Perhaps Gennaro Fabbri did not have this in mind when, in the dim and distant 1905, he acquired an old drug store with production facilities and began to produce and retail liqueurs and cordials with the brand "Premiata Distilleria Liquori G. Fabbri" (G. Fabbri Award-Winning Distillery). Three of the best known Fabbri products, Mint, Granitina and Amarena syrups, were infact created in those first years.
With over a century of history behind it, Fabbri 1905 stands out for the high quality and genuine nature of its products all the while focusing on customer satisfaction. For four generations, the Fabbri family has been able to anticipate the demands of the market while keeping true to the values and teachings of its traditions.

Today, Fabbri 1905 offers a wide range of products all designed with absolute quality. For the household market, Fabbri is the undisputed leader with its exclusive Amarena syrups and liqueur-flavored fruit. In addition, Fabbri is also a leading provider to hotels, restaurants, bars and Italy's premier ice cream makers. Fabbri specializes in products designed for ice cream., pastry, confectionery and semifreddo.
Focusing on quality production and collaborating with top chefs and confectioners are the key elements that have allowed Fabbri to establish itself as the market leader.

For over a century, Fabbri 1905  has been contributing to the advancement and distinction of the "made in Italy" taste by exporting Italian tradition all over the world. The company operates in over 80 countries and has subsidiaries in Germany, France, North and South America.
In 1997, Fabbri 1905 founded the International School for Artisan Ice Cream Making, known as SPIGA. The first of its kind in Italy managed by a private company and awarded the industry's highest EU certifications. The school provides training for both novice and professional ice cream makers and confectioners.