Classic Creme & Nut Pastes

Concetrated cream and nut pastes prepared with high quality natural ingredients for use in cakes, breads, panna cottas, semifreddos, gananche, pralines, cookies, muffins, frostings and creams. These pastes are fluid and creamy and are easily soluble when used cold.

Creme Flavors

 Amaretto Chocolate  Gianduia Torrone 
 Azzurokreme Coffee Panna Cotta Vanilla
 Baba Rhum Crostata Plum Cake White Chocolate
 Biscotti Dark Chocolate Stracciatella White Stracciatella
 Caramel French Vanilla Tiramisu White Mint

Nut Flavors
 Almond  Chestnut Hazelnut  Peanut  Pistachio  Roasted Almond